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Welcome to Photodays

Why?: A website with my photographs, you may ask!

Answer: To share my photographs worldwide, so people can view different locations, my family and I have visited, especially my home City of Sheffield.
Creating a web site on the Internet allows everyone with internet access to visit and communicate with you, It's a permanent Photoday.

Why?: Photodays as the title?

Answer: The site title 'Photodays' has been derived from, taking photographs while on day trips.

This site was first created after I purchased a digital camera, Fuji MX 1700 Zoom.
This has now been replaced with a Fuji Finepix 601 Zoom replaced by A Canon Powershot Pro 1 now replaced with a Canon 20D with a Canon 5D. Now I am using a Canon 5Dmk2 with 24-105 L and 17-35mm lenses.
Also using a Canon G9




18 Mar 2013 Norwegen Waterfalls
17 Mar 2012 Great Yarmouth, Lowestoft and Orford Ness
02 Jan 2011 Brimham Rocks and Photowalk 2010 Brighton
15 Feb 2010 White Cliffs, Canterbury Cathedral, Flatford Mill and Leeds Castle
08 Feb 2010 Dungeoness views and Lighthouses
04 Feb 2010 Mount Etna
18 Jan 2010 Added, Rome
18 Jan 2010 Added, City of Cambridge
5 May 2008 Added, Italian area of Tuscany's various towns / cities / villages
9 February 2007 Added Derwent Valley and Mam Tor views
15 Dec 2006 Added Caudwell's Mill
14 December 2006 Added Portsmouth Festival and Santorini, updated countryside, corrected some broken links
12 Oct 2006 Added a few pictures to my Portfolio
19 June 2006 Modified and started to add Photodays Portfolio
26 April 2006 Added several new galleries
May 2005 Added Bakewell and Castleton galleries
March 2005
I have now increased my web space therefore have re-added Europe and America galleries
27 June 2003 Added pictures of Oxford, updated sitemap, repaired some links
19 June 2003 I have decided to have a site history file of addition / deletions.
25 May 2003 Menu's changed to new format
14 April 2003 Changed Flash intro pictures
12 Dec 2002 Changed layout and removed frames
29 Sep 2002 Added photographs of Brittany (France)
Jan 2002 Site launched, continually updating, ( various updates not documented)











Updated - 18 March 2013